Sunday, August 22, 2010

Whats to Come...

As many of you have seen, the school is slowly materializing. I have pictures but no cord to transfer them with at the moment but all in its time. The foundation has been laid, the walls are up, and the roof has arrived! Its surreal knowing all those efforts, all those emails (i'm sorry, yes they were annoying), all of that money has created something that will help with educating students in Maleme Niani. A heartfelt thank you!

Amanda and Kaitlan arrived, survived, and have returned back to USofA after a ten day trip to Senegal! It was a wild ride with some bumps but worth it and I'm so glad my sisters could make a trip halfway across the world. Highlights...

Eating good (and bad) food
Fasting a day of Ramadan
Dancing in the "salon" of the Gory household
Ate goat - process caused amanda to cry
"Henna" done by a very talented senegalese woman
Caught in a massive storm on the beach
Bright blue lips, foam mattresses, red hot coals, three cups of tea, and Rastafarians
Delicious onion sauce
Skin infections
Bug bites
Peanut butter cookies - thanks amanda
How I Met Your Mother
Breaking the fast
Tossing the tshirt
Greetings greetings greetings
Dance/Pool Party
Propositioned to buy someone
Meeting my little brother
Playing yuker in a school hallway as it poured outside
Beignets....realling freaking good beignets
Time spent together! Love you guys!

Whats to some of you know I had been considering what to do after my Peace Corps service. I recently discussed this more with my boss and will be extending my service with the Peace Corps in Dakar. My official position will be entitled "Feed the Future Liason." I will work with PC and other USAID funded organizations collaborating on food security work being done in the country. I am very excited about this change and move! I am also really sad to be leaving my family in Maleme Niani. This position, however, will allow me opportunities to go to the different regions throughout the country and stay in contact with the PC community and host country nationals. Because of this year long commitment I am required to take a month of vacation and visit family friends, etc. So i will be coming home the month of November and would love to spend time with as many people as possible. Please shoot me a note as to where you are, what you are doing, and as far as you know where you will be at this time! I am going to be in my village as much as possible during September but will try and stay connected whenever I can!

I'll be traveling to Thies to help with two trainings for the newest group of volunteers who arrived at the beginning of August. After that I will be finishing up some necessary paperwork and head back to Maleme Niani. I hope this keeps you all updated and answers any questions you might have had!

lots of love to you all!