Friday, October 30, 2009

New Pictures

Hey all!

Just letting you know there are new pictures to the left...Korite is the holiday after the month long fast of Ramadan. Pictures are of my family and friends in my compound. They all got new clothes for the holiday and were excited about the pictures I was taking! Pretty cute eh? Take a look and let me know if you have any questions!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

An assortment of random things you must must read!

*my apologies for the mistakes made in the haikus that were previously posted on my blog. I entirely blame them on my lack of work with haikus and the number of languages jumbled in my head that i can't count syllables. forgive me :)*

A Lizard Climbed up my Back; I’m Going to Have a Baby
For those in touch with your superstitious sides when a lizard climbs on your back, you will soon conceive. I was fortunate to have that occur this last week and was informed by my mother that I will soon be having a child. For my family and friends in the states-please don’t worry it is only superstitions, nothing I plan on happening any time soon. Oh and for those who were wondering i only semi-freaked out as the lizard was climbing up my back. It was trying to reach the destination of the post next to my seat...i just happened to be in the way. All the same I must say that was probably a first.

Christmas 2009 - yes its early but then again i'm thousands of miles away. Please contact my family with any questions or collaborations. Thanks!!!

An ode to my family and friends far away
Listing my wishes for this years’ Christmas day

They’re not set in stone, just writ with a pen
To give you ideas of the things you might send.

If times now are hard, money’s not coming through
Please just send me a Christmas letter or two.

Packaging can make quite a dent in the pocket
That Flat-rate boxes or teaming up may help stop it.

No need to feel like you must send me an item,
Simple updates with pictures will keep me a smilin’.

The address is easy B.P. 309
Tambacounda, Senegal, W. Africa (Christmas 2009)

Wishing you love, peace and joy this Christmas to come
Here’s my list-take a look-why not join in the fun??

Spiced Tea-just a lil I don’t need the whole family supply
Oyster Crackers and Dill spice-chili anyone??
Jello Cake Fixings -minus the cool whip that pry wont travel well
Candy Canes/Peppermints/Christmas Treats
Crochet Hook
Christmas music (cd, tape, or flash drive)
-John Denver, Bing Crosby, Manheim Steamroller, the classics i grew up with
Andes mints
Ritz crackers and chocolate chips for dipped PB sandwiches
cute headbands
Football/Volleyball (send deflated for packaging)
Maple Syrup (the real stuff)
Big Tomatos seeds
Seeds for herbs

The Meal you will Crave on a Cold Winter Night
Recipe dedicated to the women in my family who loved it!

Senegalese Maffe (Peanut Sauce)
This recipe will feed 10 people generously (Senegalese standards). Fix rice separately (follow rice instructions) as you like it and set aside to be topped with a heaping portion of a delicious peanut sauce…
Peanut Sauce:
2 cups unsalted, all natural peanut butter
Veggies: 1-2 potatos, 1-2 carrots,
Meat of your choice
ex. 2-3 filet of fish deboned
filet of steak cut into cubes
Small can of tomato paste
Onions 2-3-chopped up
Dried okra powder- made by drying okra and pounding it up –it basically acts as a thickening agent so if you need a thicker sauce you can use this if you find it or a substitute like a little bit of flour
Netto seeds (if you can find these please tell me where, I searched everywhere for them) about 2 T whole seeds
pepper about 1T peppercorns
red pepper about 1T small dried red peppers
mami cubes 2 (you can probably find this in an international grocery store)
garmi packet 1 (same as mami)
1. Mix together Peanut Butter and about 2-3 Liters of water over heat (depending on thickness of sauce you desire) and bring to boil and simmer
2. Add desired veggies (cut in large chunks), meat, tomato paste, and a mami cube and garmi packet
3. Pound up pepper, red pepper, netto seeds, onion and other mami cube with a mortar and pestle and add to maffe sauce. Leave to simmer on low heat.
4. If needed add salt to taste
5. Add okra powder or thickening agent substitute
6. Simmer until ready. Serve with rice and enjoy on a cold winter night!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

A Senegal Haiku

Per request of my brother in law I will make a post only in Haiku's. Nate I hope you enjoy and bear with me this is spur of the moment.

Senegal is hot
But when it rains it gets cool
I sweat day and night

There are lots of flies
they like to swarm on new cuts
like mosquito bites

my dad the mayor
has plush new couches and chairs
i lay on them now

Mosquito nets work
but they dont work well if
you both are inside

Guy like to dance here
they dance better than girls do
it is lots of fun

Work is slow right now
The trees are all planted
I hope they dont die

Vitamins are good
they make you feel much better
when you eat just rice

Soccer is huge here
team mission just won first place
this weeks new highlight

Send your requests here
I'll write what you want me to
this websites for you

Until the next time
Enjoy the cool weather there
Jump in the leaves too!