Friday, September 26, 2008


this is jessica in mbour, at a cyber cafe on one of the main roads. i am doing fine and had some free time to update family and friends.
the mandinka speakers (there are four of us) are stayin with families in mbour while learning the language and startin demo plots for our tech training. we are in class every morning and then in the afernoon either go to the garden; a field; or do some crosscultural studies. it has been quite the experience, definitely overwhelming a times, a little hard but also good.
it has rained the last two days thankfully so the heat is not as unbearable, and i even went and danced in the rain this morning with my little sisters. yesterday my team and a current peace corps volunteer rode our bikes to a nearby farm and looked a the crops they had growing there. it was absolutely beautiful! baobob trees, acacia trees, fields of millet, sorghum; peanuts, beans, bissap, and more. there was a cool breeze blowing the whole time from the ocean and it was wonderful being ouside of the city for a bit.

we are here in mbour for another five days or so and then head to another site for some tech training with current volunteers. i would type more but need to go. i am missing you all and would love to hear from you soon!

so much love,


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Courtney said...

Jessica! Wow! You are in Africa now! That is wonderful! Are you with the Peace Corps, or something like it?!?! Did you know I am in South Korea?

I hope this finds you well, Jessica! I'll always remember the fun we had at 5am at the bucks! May grace and peace be yours!