Sunday, October 12, 2008

Back in Thies

Hello from Thies!

Im a month in now! Its hard to believe ive been here that long yet it seems only natural! My mandinka friends and i had the chance to see two villages when we went on site visits to two villages. We had the opportunity to see lots of different field crops, tree varieties, live fences, and community gardens! We also danced and ate at a tam tam party where there are drummers, food, and lots of dancing late into the night! They were having the party to say goodbye to the peace corps volunteer that is currently there, and also welcoming the new peace corps volunteer. It was great to be able to see their everyday lives in action and to put some breadth into what i will be doing soon! It made me really excited and a little anxious to learn more of my language!

This coming week i will be traveling back to mbour for more language classes! We will also be checking up on our vegetable plots, field crops, and tree nursery that we planted there. It will be good to be immersed into the Mandinka language again and hopefully build up my skillz!

I have taken lots of pictures, I hope to post them sometime soon, i just have trouble not having a computer to download them onto and then get them online. I am going to try and get those posted in the next week so you canalso see what i am seeing!

Also, after this next month my address will be changing. I will update it here on my blog as soon as possible so you have that address. Also i just recently got a skype username so can talk to those who have skype! Let me know what your skype username is and we can set up a skype chat date!

All in all i feel like i am adjusting more to life here! It has been tough at times but I feel like seeing what pcv do has helped me to kind of have more of a focus as to why i am here! I enjoy hearing from anyone even with just a small little email so please let le know how you are and what you are up to!

more updates coming soon,



Shanerade said...

hey this is shane and im sitting in milwaukee with jim reading your posts in the unity church office :D. its great to hear about you and the things you are exsperiencing. i will make this one short but be on the look out for a package(as soon as i get your new address) Jim say's to say hello and your tomato's are delicious! joice spinn got the first one i(JIM) ate the second one adn the rest are up for grabs. thanks alot!

ok well take care and we miss you alot
Shane and Jim

Jessica said...

Jim and Shane! SO good to hear from you! I am glad the tomatoes are being enjoyed and especially by you! Hope all is well and glad to hear a bit from that part of the world!