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The Toubab Times

The Toubab Times
Premier Edition
Editor and Writer: Mane Gory aka Jessica Scates

Letter From the Editor
Dear Readers,
I am pleased to present you with the premier edition of the Toubab Times. For those unaware toubab is what is screamed at white people by children and unfortunately at times by adults when they see a white person. Depending on your mood it can be funny or really annoying. I thought it was fitting for my writings here. The Toubab Times has been established for a number of reasons: primarily to be a delight for the reader and secondarily to be more a delight to the writer, moi, as blogs can often be tedious and hard to write. The layout of this publication will remain the same, unless readers suggest random topics they would like to learn more about, and new material added periodically and hopefully on a more regular basis! So from henceforth the Toubab Times will reign in this blog world and I do hope you enjoy it as much as I already am!

TOP STORY: PCV’s Pulaar Neighbor Delivers Dingo* and PCV Attacked with Black Pencil
Reported by: Jessica Scates
Harnatou, Neighbor and friend of Mane Gory, delivered her FIRST child, a girl, at the local dispensaire in Maleme Niani Friday, April 30th. After delivering she quickly made her way back home to prepare dinner, sweep, take care of other children staying in her compound and learn the ropes of motherhood. All jokes aside the birth went well mother and daughter are great. Upon hearing of the occasion, Mane, having just arrived from Tamba, sprinted over to the neighboring compound to lay her eyes for the first time on what she only knew as a large bump poking from the belly of her friend’s stomach. Harnatou’s husband immediately began preparations for the Kulio, muslim baptism partay, that followed the following Wednesday. PCV Mane Gory and about ten other women looked fabulous in their matching Senegalese outfits. To prepare for the occasion, Mane’s hair was braided and her face was made up to satisfy the likes of the Senegalese (this of course included black eyebrows and red eyelids). Pictures will soon follow to document the occasion. The entourage entered the Kulio with an announcement made by the DJ and dancing ensued and lasted late into the evening. Mother and daughter are now settling down to their every day life and enjoying the quiet that is finally occurring in their compound.

FINANACE: Mosquito Net Distribution Continues, Donations Being Accepted
Reported by: Jessica Scates

JUST IN: PLEASE GO TO AS SOON AS YOU CAN. You dont want to miss an opportunity to raise money to save the lives of those affected and dying of Malaria.

Current Numbers are as follows: $355 raised
710 nets
$1650 left


Extremely Hot.
Rain expected
By June 15th. Heat to
Continue through October.

(What’s on your bedstand)

Les Miserables

-Great read, but despite boring afternoons, Hugo can be a bit too descriptive when describing history, I just want to know what happens to Marius Vic!!

-Weekly Sighting-

Rice is reportedly being sold throughout Senegal with the title of Obama. PCV Mane Gory has eaten it and if the US president lives up to the quality of “maanoo” named after him he will do quite well.

SALYMATOU’s Senegalese Sensations
(Senegalese Mama’s Recipe)
Sauce Things: (Literal Translation)
Oil- around 2 cups for a family of 12
Rice- 2 Liters
Fish- fresh and deboned, amt according to you
Tomato Paste- 3 Tbls
Cabbage- TBD on number of people and your likes
Onions- 3 red or white
Potato- TBD
Carrot- TBD
Garlic- 4 cloves
Jimbo- 2 (otherwise known as msg)
Mami- 1 (Jimbo with tomato)
Black Pepper- 3 Tbls
Red Pepper- dried 2 Tbls
Tamarind- no idea in American terms
Bissap leaves
How To:
1. Heat Oil in pan/cauldron
2. Place fish in hot oil, flip when done on one side and remove from pan when ready. Around 5 min total. Set aside.
3. Add totmato paste to oil and stir
4. Add Water (enough for the amount of rice being made) to oil and tomato paste mixture.
5. Add veggies to water/oil mixture.
6. When veggies have reached your preferred level of doneness, Grind up pepper, red pepper, onion, and garlic and add to veggie mixture.
7. Wash rice, place in steamer, and steam over veggies and spices. About 10 minutes
8. Take out veggies and add rice to liquid until rice is done, stirring to check. About 20-30 minutes.
9. Remove from heat and plate in your desired bowl(s). Enjoy!


*PCV Continues work with Local Eaux et Foret agency. Around 30,000 tree sacks have been filled with earth by community members and seeding has begun. Outplanting to be expected around the end of June with the rains come.
*PCV to meet with president of community rural of Kouca Gaydi, town 25 km from Maleme Niani to speak about AGFO technologies and PCV’s presence in that community. Meeting TBD within the next week.
*Wula Nafa (local environmental agency) tourney cancelled for PCV due to the installation of PCV’s father as co-mayor of Maleme Niani. The big to-do will be discussed in future editions. Future Wula Nafa tourney to be scheduled. Fellow Mandinka cohorts will be taking her space.
*PCV began work on Pepiniere started at local college (middle school) with newly created environmental group. Expectations of 700 trees to be cared for.
*Vegetable garden in the planning for PCV within the pepiniere location of Eaux et Foret. Will be started with the rains.
*PCVs continuing to raise money for rainy season bednet distribution. PCVs in Senegal hope to eliminate uneccesary death due to Malaria throughout all of Senegal.

*Please Send questions and comments to the blog site. Editor will respond when needed. Thank You for your Time! For real i would love your feedback. Please glance at the short list of items always accepted by PCV in the country of Senegal through the postal service in the top left hand corner of this blog!

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Tom said...

We are sitting in Green Bay, WI with Dan and Jean. We just had homemade peppermint stick ice cream and chocolate cake. We have spent the last 40 minutes looking at your pictures and talking about your experiences over there. I (Mom) got to ride on the back of Jack's motorcycle but had to wear Dan'd vest and Jean's helmet. Looked rather ridiculous. Everyone love you lots and look forward to seeing you soon.