Sunday, August 30, 2009

A crack in my methodology

Well I am going to stray from the structure of my previous postings in order to at least get something out there for y'all to read. The photo posted is just one of my beautiful sister who is newly married to my new bro-in-law Nate! The wedding was fantastic, meaningful, and lots and lots of fun and now the two are living in Buffalo NY. Im sure any other info you can get from either one of them!

I am currently sitting in a hotel in Tambacounda, the main city in my region. I am here for the next couple of days working with other peace corps volunteers, typing up random reports and documents, and getting together things i can only do in places that have electricity and internet access. I didnt have the time to put together something like I have in the past but hope this suffices for those who like to keep updated.

I've stayed busy the two weeks I have been back at site. It is the rainy season here so every couple of days we have at least a little bit of rain and often times get rain every day. It is the time of outplanting all the trees i have been growing and watching over alongside of people in my community. I have outplanted a live fence that helps to keep from having to replace dead wood fences every year as well as random spots to plant trees in prominent community places, schools, for shade, etc. That has pretty muched wrapped up and now I am in the process of finishing all the detail work for the mosquito net distribution that happened before i left for America (pictures to com soon).

Along with staying busy it is a really important time for the muslim community here in Senegal because they are celebrating the holiday of Ramadan. Ramadan is a month long experience of fasting of food and water during the times when the sun is out. Family members wake up at 5am to take their breakfasts and then do not eat or drink until around 7:30 pm when the sun begins to set. It is a really special time i have found that brings family members together and really creates a feeling of community and bonding between people. I have been taking part and am really finding it to be something that i have appreciated and learned to take a lot of things from the times I wish i had a glass of water or something to eat to reflect and think about all that I do have and where it comes from! I have also had a wonderful time experiencing this with my family here, being able to connect with them in a different way than i have previously since being in Senegal. Ramadan ends with the next cycle of the moon (around September 21) with a big feast called Korite. Often this will be celebrated with the slaughter of a sheep or goat and a big meal that the family eats during the day and finally breaks the fast!

I wanted to get something out to you to let you know i am trying not to neglect my blogging duties! It was so good to see some of you all when i was in the states! All the best from Senegal and the Toubab times will hopefully begin again in the next post!

much love and happy fasting!


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