Friday, October 2, 2009

A Senegal Haiku

Per request of my brother in law I will make a post only in Haiku's. Nate I hope you enjoy and bear with me this is spur of the moment.

Senegal is hot
But when it rains it gets cool
I sweat day and night

There are lots of flies
they like to swarm on new cuts
like mosquito bites

my dad the mayor
has plush new couches and chairs
i lay on them now

Mosquito nets work
but they dont work well if
you both are inside

Guy like to dance here
they dance better than girls do
it is lots of fun

Work is slow right now
The trees are all planted
I hope they dont die

Vitamins are good
they make you feel much better
when you eat just rice

Soccer is huge here
team mission just won first place
this weeks new highlight

Send your requests here
I'll write what you want me to
this websites for you

Until the next time
Enjoy the cool weather there
Jump in the leaves too!

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