Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tom and Ann Survived and Live to Tell about it...

Raising the walls in Maleme Niani!
The bricks have been made and the walls are going up....Thanks to all who contributed to make this building possible!!

Its coming along with thanks to you all. More updates later and below some memories of a visit from some special Americans.

Who's the white guy ;)??

A Trip of a Lifetime...

A long long time ago W Thomas Scates and Ann Huxtable met not knowing one day they would trek halfway around the globe to spend 17 whole, sometimes painful, mostly always hot days in Senegal, West Africa to visit their daughter. They did it, survived, and here are some highlights of their visit.

5 hour 30 min car ride. 7 passengers crammed into small station wagon and no AC. Tom and Ann were under the assumption it would take 2-3 hours tops....many hours later...whoops

Markets, bargaining, fabric, jewelry, W African "business men"

Not speaking a lick of any language spoken to them other than "peace only" and "hello"

Food food food, including warthog, goat, chicken, calamari, fresh fish...needless to say Jessica has never eaten as much meat in all her time spent in Senegal! Alhamdoulilahi!

Mosquitos-they're coming.

Planting papaya trees with a metal rod and "shovel" (intentional quotes)

Delicious mangos dripping down your face and 3 (actually 2) cups of tea after a pirogue ride on the banks of the Atlantic in St Louis.

Lots and lots of sunny days

Tom seduced by the dancing older women in Maleme Niani...thats right they know how to work their magic, right tom?? ;)

Going to a mall in Dakar....what?!?!

Ann earned her gold star... and still lives!

Ali our amazing tour guide at Ile de Goree!

My Senegalese family meeting my American family. Surreal but very very cool!

Tamba crew Bastille day party with Potager et salade nicoise! Tom made an apple pie. Delicious!

Boats, cars, buses, make shift vans, NGO SUV's, airplanes, donkey carts, feet...transportation of all kinds.

Thanks mom and dad for a wonderful trip. You guys are troopers and it was great having you here! Ask them for stories if you want to hear more!

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