Sunday, November 30, 2008

Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I have successfully been in my village for two straight weeks with my family and they are wonderful! i have 5 siblings; all younger and my village mom and dad are wonderful! Very supportive and most importantly very patient during this beginning time of learning!

So far I have basically greeted a lot of people; gotten comfortable; and gotten to know the community a little! I have already met with some womens groups who are interested in receiving help and advice from me of all people; so I hope to be able to do that once language barriers are crossed and i have received more technical training! I plan on going back tuesday and will spend a few more weeks out there until coming back into tamba!

My thanksgiving was spent in the beautiful country side of kedougou! there are mountainous hills there and the gambia river and it is beautiful! one of the peace corps volunteers is an excellent cook and fixed up a fest for us while we were there! i unfortunately was sick and didnt enjoy the food like i would have wanted to but there is always next time! it was fun to hang out with other americans and celebrate a holiday i know my family and friends were celebrating too! much needed therapy!

I was thinking about my blogs and wondering if you who are reading would like more informational blogs like i have been writing or if you would like more philosophical issue type blogs where i talk about some of the things I find myself thinking when surrounded by lots of poverty and language barriers; etc. It would be helpful for me so I can write what i know you all are interested in reading and save other things for emails or other sources o communication!

ONE HUGE THING!!! If you by chance send me a letter through the mail; please please send a packet of seeds with it! This wont add to the cost of the letter and it will be sooo helpful! Vegetable seeds here are expensive and not necessarily the best quality; so just stick a little surprise in there with your note of love!

All my love to you and hope all is well back in the USofA or wherever you may be right now!



Britanie Anne said...

Jessica -

I am such a terrible friend that I finally just caught up to the fact that you are already on your peace corps mission! Instead of studying tonight for my evidence final exam in the morning, I have been reading all your prior blog posts. When I don't pass, I'm blaming you....

I really enjoyed reading about all the different every day activities you are experiencing. What is the weather like right now? do you feel like your soul is changing shape, some things solidifying and some morphing from the "American" Jessica?

I better go try to do some work and get to sleep... my test is in 6 hours. I love you and will be keeping you in my thoughts!

Tom Scates said...

Regarding the content of your blogs. I suggest that you do both. We need to have a better understanding of the culture and your environment. But, we also need to grapple with the deeper insights and feelings with which you are experiencing.
We love you.